Vader Concrete Sink


This one reminds us of a certain character from the dark side. A wonderful faceted design with a good depth. Made just for you, here at RockMill.

This sink shape is 18 x 13″, It’s got some funky angles in the basin which all drain to a center point

The sink basin depth is about 5.5″ just enough room to wash up without being too deep

Choose the outside dimensions from the drop down lists

This style can work with a thin 1.5″ top such that you can drop it on a standard base

You could also choose to float it and make the walls pretty deep

Choose none, single or triple (8″) spread faucet holes.

The sink accepts a standard 1-5/8″ drain with or without overflow, although this sink does not have a functional overflow.

Hand crafted, each piece is unique and subtly different 🙂 ships in 3 weeks




Mounting Instructions

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Floating brackets

If you plan to float the sink (see install requirements below)

Overall Length

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Faucet Holes


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